Friday, December 11, 2015

Project: FuturePres1


FuturePres1 - Final Deliverables


  • Felipe Sousa de Andrade
  • Zachary Butler
  • Bada Kim
  • Hussein Koprly
  • Veronica Sigler
  • Linda Vue


Create presentations that enable greater interactivity between the audience and the presenter.

The Core Problem the App Solves

We created an example of an interface that allows users to display more interactive and engaging presentations than is traditionally available through Microsoft Powerpoint. Our focus is on the guided communication scenario, with the goal of improving audience participation and non-linear structure.

The Madness Behind the App

Our application utilizes the following tools:
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
The tool is a web-based blueprint-dashboard of a presentation that will allow users to navigate the presentation in a nonlinear manner. Each panel on the dashboard represents a part of the presentation. After clicking on a tile, the viewer will either be shown information, or another set of tiles representing subcategories. This allows the presenter the flexibility of nesting information into categories for easier navigation, rather than having dozens of tiles on the top level.

As indicated above, there are two views: the audience and presenter view. The audience view shows the presentation itself and allows the audience to ‘like’ a page, as well ask questions.  The presenter view shows statistics of the site, such as the page that has the most views and the most liked site. The presenter view also shows questions from the audience in the presenter panel at the bottom of the site.

An additional feature of the website is that users can participate in the presentation without being present, allowing them to get the full presentation experience anywhere.

Unfinished and Future Work

The tool is currently use-case specific for a Zoo and showcases functionality and capabilities that would be available to presenters. We do not currently have a tool that would allow users to create their own presentations as this project is a demonstration of what the tool could provide in the presentation realm.
There is currently a distinct presenter and audience view that allows for a QA-like interaction. Currently, the audience is able to submit questions, however the tool is limited in that the presenter is only able to answer verbally (this is sufficient for our project because we are implementing for a use-case specific scenario of a live Zoo presentation). That being said, a future goal is to incorporate an answering system such that the presenter may respond directly to the audience, or to have the questions and answers viewable to the audience as a whole.
We were also unable to provide multimedia support as listed in our project proposal due to time limitations.

Working site


Github Repo

Project Evaluation


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