Friday, December 11, 2015

Project: SAS Graphs Team One

Animate how a change in or selection of data changes chart visualizations.

Savanna Baxter, Sneha Bhalodia, Curtis Chapman, Helena Ioannou, Iead Mshaka, and Jay Whitfield

SAS wanted some new ideas on how to animate transitions in data. This project provides new transitions and chart visualizations based on a change in or selection of data.

We created a webpage that provides an active spreadsheet that accompanies a bar graph and a scatter plot. With the bar graph you have the ability to filter colors out. As for the scatter plot, you can change the range of dates on the x axis. The transition animations are supposed to help you see and understand the changes in the data better than you would without transition animations. In addition we provide a bubble chart, a line chart, and another scatter plot. With these you have the ability to switch the data to another spreadsheet or move the view of the data left or right. The resources we used are JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, the Google Charts Visualization API, and Google Sheets. Our goal was for the transition animations to make the data changes easy to understand.

Unfinished/future work:
  • Include more error checking
  • Provide a scale for the Bubble Chart
  • Have transitions for 2D to 3D data

Working Site:





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