Friday, December 11, 2015

Project: Nonlinear Learning


One of the main focuses of our nonlinear learning project was to incorporate mind maps for nonlinear learning, and use p5.js for videos with interactive elements. We spent over 2 months exploring the different aspects of the Go.Js library (mind map) and the p5.js library (interactive videos), and this report will highlight our findings and opinions.


Linear learning, as found on course sites such as moodle exhibit a very rigid type of learning, where people go from topic A to B, then to C. Nonlinear learning allows students to navigate through different topics at their leisure, while providing the instructor the tools to guide them in the right direction.

Future Work:
  • Add more immersive elements to mindmap (different sounds for different actions)
  • Allowing mindmap changes to be directly saved to the html file
  • More tools for instructors who are not proficient with coding (interfaces for non-technical users)
  • Incorporating whole course web pages into mindmap (moodle)
  • Tracker for most visited videos, favorites list
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Report of Go.Js and p5.js utility

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