Friday, December 11, 2015

Project FuturePres Team 2

Team Members: 

  • James Davis
  • Michael Ivanov
  • John Nixon
  • Benjamin Drury
  • Alexander Richardson
  • Quinton Chappell


Creating a new way to present a presentation in a non-linear model to make presentations more intuitive and exciting.


Presentations follow a linear path from one slide of information to the next which offers very little flexibility for the presenter and can also be dull for its audience. The idea of FuturePres is to create a new way to present data in a non-linear model to improve the experience of presentations for the presenter and his/her audience. For our implementation we focused on legal cases where lawyers have to record data and present them in a court of law. The website is split into four different categories: People, Places, Evidence, and Events. These are used to store the data from cases into the sstem to represent later. Once Data is stored onto the system the data is linked from one to another by connecting factors of other categories. Using this the presenter can move from one piece of data to the next by simply clicking on a connecting factor and guide the presentation. A timeline is also implemented in the View section to show events on a day to day, week by week, or even year by year selection.

Future Work:

  • Extra Features
  • Comments
  • User log ins
  • Data Collection/Database expansion

Video Demo


Demo Server

GitHub Repository

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