Example Web Apps

As an early assignment, you will find an example web app, and post a description of it and reaction to it on our forum. Below are more details on finding and posting good examples:
  • Finding example web apps
    • Definition: these are web apps that run in a browser on any sort of device
    • Should be displayable before the entire class if necessary, i.e.:
      • On the class PC
      • On any device you have, e.g. your laptop, or a tablet that you project using the overhead projector.
    • Need not be something no other class members have selected, though uniqueness will be rewarded
  • Posting them
    • How:
      • To forum
      • Tag it with #examples.
      • Only a few paragraphs are necessary
      • Include one image
      • Include a link to the example itself
      • If others have already chosen your example, focus on new information
    • What:
      • A tagline: summarize the app in one sentence
      • The problem the app addresses
      • Why you like or hate this app
      • Competing apps, and why this app is better or worse
      • A little bit about how this app works

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