Friday, September 25, 2015

North America is out of IPv4 addresses—for really real this time [feedly]

North America is out of IPv4 addresses—for really real this time
// Ars Technica

(credit: Kryuko)

As of yesterday, North America is out of IPv4 addresses. Getting that feeling of déjà vu all over again? In July, we reported that ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers, was activating its waitlist policy, wherein organizations that qualify for a block of IPv4 addresses larger than the largest block in ARIN's available pool of addresses could opt to wait for that larger block to become available. Organizations requesting block sizes that were still available would still receive IPv4 addresses. But as of September 24, ARIN no longer has any IPv4 addresses available to be given out to organizations in the region. The pool is empty. This time, it's for real.

So organizations in the US, Canada, part of the Caribbean, and some additional islands will either have to take their chances on the waitlist, buy IPv4 addresses from someone else, or use IPv6 instead. In an earlier interview, ARIN CEO John Curran told Ars that he expects very little new IPv4 address space to become available at ARIN, so those on the waitlist shouldn't get their hopes up.

Address trading, on the other hand, has been picking up in recent years and is now the best way to get additional IPv4 addresses. Because ARIN no longer holds any IPv4 addresses, "there is no longer a restriction on how often organizations may request transfers to specified recipients," explained the ARIN announcement. Previously, an organization couldn't get any new addresses from ARIN within twelve months after transferring some of its IPv4 addresses to another organization. Address trading works well for relatively small blocks of address space, but it's unclear what will happen when very large ISPs that deal with millions of IP addresses need additional large blocks. Will they be ready to pay potentially tens of millions of dollars for millions of IPv4 addresses? Will such large blocks even be available, or will they have to make lots of small purchases?

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Find: Broadband is a “core utility” like electricity, White House report says

About time! 

Broadband is a "core utility" like electricity, White House report says
// Ars Technica

Broadband Internet service "has steadily shifted from an optional amenity to a core utility" and is now "taking its place alongside water, sewer, and electricity as essential infrastructure for communities," says a report released by the White House yesterday.

The report was written by the Broadband Opportunity Council, which was created by President Obama and is chaired by the heads of the Commerce and Agriculture departments. In an accompanying blog post, the White House touted Obama's "leadership" in expanding broadband access but said that nearly 51 million Americans still cannot purchase wired broadband with download speeds of at least 25Mbps.

The statistic was based on data from 2013, so things may have improved since then. But it's time for a government-wide effort to expand broadband deployment and adoption, the White House blog post said. The Council "review[ed] every major Federal program that provides support for broadband, from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Health and Human Services to the Department of Justice," noted the Obama administration. The report made several recommendations, and federal agencies have committed to the following:

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Job: full stack webdev

Contact william lehmann below.

Sounds like you should already be proficient both front and back end.

Professor Watson

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Anyone in mind?

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From: William Lehmann <>
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As we recently discussed, I've had a web site constructed for me which will be the foundation for a new business.  This business will target the construction and renovation industries and will be marketed to general contractors and property managers.    My site is constructed using CakePHP and has MySQL Database.   The server environment is LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).

I am looking for someone, proficient in the aforementioned language and details, who can work with me to perform maintainence and make changes to my site.

Thanks for any referrals.

W. Karl Lehmann
NC Construction Services, Inc.
(919) 369-2072

Friday, September 11, 2015

Program 2: css due Oct 2

Here is your second coding assignment! It's due on Friday, Oct 2, by the end of the day.


You will be adding style to the form you created for your first assignment. Your goal is to use CSS to recreate the layout of the original form. The layout does not have to match 100%, but should be a fairly close representation.


While working toward this goal, please:
  • Do not significantly modify your content.
  • You may improve your markup, especially to identify the elements you which to manipulate.
  • Turn in exactly one CSS file, and one HTML file.
  • As before, do not place any CSS styling or attributes in your html, beyond the link to your CSS file.
  • Do not use any javascript.


Validate your page using the W3C CSS Validation Service. Address as many of the resulting warnings and errors as you can.

Test your page on various browsers ("crossbrowser testing") using BrowserlingBrowseraBrowserStack or SauceLabs — or any equivalent tool. These tools make it easy to see how a page is rendered in different browsers without actually running those browsers. Test at least half of the following browsers:
  • Firefox for Windows
  • Firefox for OS X
  • Chrome for Windows
  • Chrome for OS X
  • Chrome for Android
  • Internet Explorer for Windows
  • Safari for OS X
  • Safari for iOS


Your goals for a good grade are to:
  • 10% Good turnin
  • 15% Good separation between semantic markup (html) and appearance (css) 
  • 25% Avoid deprecated html and css
  • 25% Do cross browser testing and validation, report same 
  • 25% Good approximation of the appearance original form


Using wolfware classic assignment "css_assignment", submit:
  • one CSS file
  • one matching html file
  • a text file of at most 1-2 pages documenting how you corrected and improved your CSS and HTML.

Extra credit: give us your project preferences

Hey folks,

You should have received an email asking you to log into, the tool we are using to create project teams. Please do login and fill out the short survey there today. All the information you give us will be kept confidential.

If you didn't receive this email, let us know and we'll look into it!

You will receive a bit of extra credit for this work. If you don't complete it, we will simply assign you to a team without your preferences early next week.

Professor Watson