Saturday, November 21, 2015

Program 5: Python

Here is your final coding assignment, due December 4th by end of day.


You will be implementing a query interface for a database of World Series results using Python. Your code should read the search data from a form, retrieve the data from a mysql database and output the results of the search into an html formatted table. (Hint: You can use Python's CGI library for the form handling.)

We have provided the html source of a simple search form and the SQL code for creating the table in MySQL. The database table is structured as follows:
    Year (Primary Key)
    Winning Team
    Winning Manager
    League of Winning Team
    Losing Team
    Losing Manager


  • 10% Good turnin
  • form handling
  • database connection
  • correct output
    • Python source file(s)
    • Readme with any references

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