Thursday, March 27, 2014

Announcement: Clarification for the css assignment

Hey folks, 

Tried to post this yesterday, sorry it didn't arrive sooner! But it's especially important for those who've just received their CSS files. 

Looks like some of you have been confused about whether or not you have consented for the experimental study. My apologies! 

Your consent for use of online tools we requested at the beginning of the semester is not the same as your consent for the experiment we requested a bit later. 

If you have not received the set of files described in the CSS assignment, it's likely you did not consent. 

In this case, please contact Ju Hee to let her know whether or not you wish to consent. If you consent, you will perform the assignment as described, and receive extra credit. If you do not consent, you will do the same work, but without the ordering constraints, without your contributing your results to the experiment, and without extra credit (there are other extra credit opportunities). In both cases you should receive some css and some 

In light of this confusion we will extend the due date for both parts of the assignment by one week: if you consented, part 1 is due April 2, part 2 April 9. If you didn't consent, the whole assignment is due April 9. 

from Web Class @ NCSU

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