Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Find: Level 3 blames Internet slowdowns on ISPs’ refusal to upgrade networks

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Level 3 blames Internet slowdowns on ISPs’ refusal to upgrade networks
// Ars Technica

Recent public battles over how network interconnections affect the quality of streaming video have almost all involved one company: Cogent Communications.Cogent CEO Dave Schaeffer has claimed that his company is simply the only one willing to put up a public fight. But even though Cogent makes the most noise, it's not the only Internet bandwidth provider battling consumer Internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T. Level 3, another company that has fought consumer ISPs in previous years, has mostly remained quiet lately. But today, Level 3 decided to voice its displeasure in a blog post by General Counsel for Regulatory Policy Michael Mooney.

Like Cogent, Level 3 is one of the Internet bandwidth providers that Netflix and other companies pay to distribute their traffic across the Internet. Both have objected to demands that they pay for the right to peer, or exchange traffic with, last mile ISPs that serve home broadband users.

Level 3 itself caved in and agreed to pay Comcast after a dispute over Netflix traffic in 2010, and it appears to be troubled that Netflix just recently agreed to pay Comcast as well. Mooney today wrote:

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