Monday, September 8, 2014

Assignment: html markup of an online manifesto

Hey folks,

Below is your first coding assignment! It's due by end of day Monday, September 15.


  • Create a page describing an online manifesto in HTML5 alone.

  • Don't use any CSS, or any tags that control appearance (we'll do this later).
  • Your page should be contained in one html file.
  • Your content should be suitable for use in a classroom context.
  • We suggest that you use the Cluetrain Manifesto (wikipedia), but you are free to use any classroom appropriate manifesto you like.
  • Many manifestos are too long for this assignment. Feel free to edit or summarize as you like to make this manageable, but ensure you fill at least one desktop screen.

  • Validate your page using the W3C Nu Markup Validation Service Address as many of the resulting warnings and errors as you can.
  • Test your page on various browsers ("crossbrowser testing") using BrowserlingBrowseraBrowserStack or SauceLabs — or any equivalent tool. These make it easy to see how a page is rendered in different browsers without actually running those browsers. Test at least half of the following browsers:
    • Firefox for Windows
    • Firefox for OS X
    • Chrome for Windows
    • Chrome for OS X
    • Chrome for Android
    • Internet Explorer for Windows
    • Safari for OS X
    • Safari for iOS

  • Using wolfware classic assignment "prog 1", submit the following as a single zip file by end of day Monday September 15:
    • Your version of the homepage HTML5 source.
    • A text file of 1-2 pages documenting the results of your validation including any remaining errors and warnings, and your summary of the results of crossbrowser testing.
  • (Optional) post your impressions of the crossbrowser testing tool you used to our forum for extra credit.

  • 10% proper turn in
  • 10% proper content
  • 20% using html5 only 
  • 20% avoiding CSS and styling 
  • 20% good validation
  • 20% good cross browser testing

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