Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Assignment: use CSS give your manifesto some emotion!

Here is your second coding assignment! It's due in a week and a half, on Monday, Sept 29, by the end of the day.


You will be adding style to the marked up manifesto you turned in for your first programming assignment. Your goal is to use CSS to improve the appeal and understandability of that manifesto. In particular, strive to express the emotion expressed in your content.


While working toward this goal, please:

  • Do not significantly modify your content.
  • You may improve your markup, especially to identify the elements you which to manipulate.
  • Turn in exactly one CSS file, and one HTML file.
  • As before, do not place any CSS styling or attributes in your html, beyond the link to your CSS file.
  • Do not use any javascript, unless you wish to request extra credit.


Validate your page using the W3C CSS Validation Service. Address as many of the resulting warnings and errors as you can.

Test your page on various browsers ("crossbrowser testing") using Browserling, Browsera, BrowserStack or SauceLabs. These tools make it easy to see how a page is rendered in different browsers without actually running those browsers. Test at least half of the following browsers:

  • Firefox for Windows
  • Firefox for OS X
  • Chrome for Windows
  • Chrome for OS X
  • Chrome for Android
  • Internet Explorer for Windows
  • Safari for OS X
  • Safari for iOS


Your goals for a good grade are to:

  • 10% Good turnin
  • 10% Good separation between semantic markup (html) and appearance (css) 
  • 25% Avoid deprecated html and css
  • 25% Do cross browser testing and validation, report same 
  • 25% Improve the appearance and understandability of your content 
  • 5% Express the emotion of your content 
  • 10% (extra) Enter our CSS contest, in which we publish your homework on the web so that can your classmates can vote on the best manifesto. Winners will receive an additional 10% extra credit.


Using wolfware classic assignment "prog2", submit:

  • one CSS file
  • one matching html file
  • a text file of at most 1-2 pages documenting how you corrected and improved your CSS and HTML. At the top, please indicate whether you would like to enter your page in the contest.
  • (Optional) post your impressions of the appearance of your homepage with provided CSS file to our forum for extra credit.

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