Monday, November 24, 2014

Announcement: SAS Teams — visiting SAS and delivering video

SAS teams,

Below are the details for the SAS visit. As you'll see, it happens most of the day first Monday of examination week. A couple points:

  • If you plan to attend, please indicate so on this form.
  • Since I can't require you to attend, I'll offer 1% extra credit if you go. 

As I've mentioned, we'll be showing a few minutes of video content captured from our software prototypes at the SAS event, integrated with design's content. It is up to you to arrange delivery of that content to your design partners before December 8, so that they have time to integrate it well. This is required. Video like this is already a part of what you must deliver for our class projects by December 15. (You can continue to improve your prototype and video after the 8th).

Also, SAS has asked for a quick idea of what our contributions to the event will be like. They'd like it before Thursday! Again I can't require this of you, but I'll give another %1 extra credit to any SAS team that can deliver a rough cut of their video (unedited visuals and voiceover, or visuals and text script) to Professor LittleJohn by then. Just share it with her and me on Google Drive.

We'll be practicing your 2 minute SAS voiceovers about your projects in Monday's critique.

Professor Watson


Presentations take place in Building C (the Executive Conference Center), off Harrison in Cary, near I40.



  • Student teams, instructors Deb, Robin, Ben arrive
  • Set up and practice in the presentation room.


  • Lunch downstairs in the C cafeteria. The students’ lunches will be covered by SAS. Faculty are welcome to attend.


  • Presentations begin
  • Junior class will go first, followed by Seniors


  • meet & greet in hallway

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