Monday, November 17, 2014

Announcement: SAS visiting design class today — SAS teams please attend!


The SAS UX team will be visiting our design collaborators today, and we are invited. So let me encourage those of you on the SAS teams today to show up at the usual design studio on main campus at least during our class time, to get a better sense of SAS needs. In fact the SAS meetings will be taking place outside of our class time as well, so I encourage you to attend before or after our class as well, especially if your partnered team will be presenting then. Here is the presentation schedule:

  • 1:45–2:05: Design Team 1 Chelsea & Mark
  • 2:10–2:30: Design Team 4 Andy & Will
  • 2:35–2:50: Design Team 8 April, Blair, Lara
  • 2:55–3:15: Design Team 5 Jenny, Mary, Kimmie
  • 3:20–3:40: Design Team 7 Ioan & Justin
  • 3:45–4:05: Design Team 2 Abbie & Meagan
  • 4:10–4:30: Design Team 6 Emily & Luis
  • 4:35–4:55: Design Team 3 Viktoria
Back at engineering, the rest of us will use the class time for project and review exercises. 

Professor Watson 

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