Thursday, May 29, 2014

Find: Microsoft lays out the future of Internet Explorer

Microsoft lays out the future of Internet Explorer
// Ars Technica

As part of its continued quest to be more open and accessible, Microsoft has confirmed some of what it's working on for the next version of Internet Explorer.

Among the features in development are the Media Capture API, that lets Web content manipulate audio and video streams from microphones and webcams, the HTTP/2 protocol, currently being developed by IETF, and Web Audio, an API that lets JavaScript process and synthesize audio. The company also plans to implement a JavaScript feature called Promises that should streamline development of asynchronous scripts.

These features and others are listed on the newly updated site, on which Microsoft lists a whole bunch of up-and-coming Web standards and its attitude towards them. Many have already been implemented; a handful, such as WebP image support and the WebRTC communications API, are "not currently planned." Still more are vaguely "under consideration."

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