Monday, October 8, 2012

Announcment: on project critiques

Hope you all had a good break!

As most of you know, last Tue we made project assignments. Starting tomorrow, we'll begin our first "critiques" of your projects. On most critique days (in 75 minutes) we won't be able to discuss more than four of your projects.

You can find guidance on making good project presentations here.

Tomorrow, I know many of you will have just begun. Don't be afraid to present incomplete work. This is in fact the best time to present your work, because it is the time when your direction is still flexible. In recognition of this, we will give a bit of extra credit to those who present tomorrow. And in general during studio, we will not be grading quality of the work, only the effort you have put into the presentation and the work. (Of course the quality will be very important in your final project mark).

As an audience watching/critiquing, we also have the following rules:
  • Be positive, especially early on during projects
  • Don't tell people what's wrong, tell them how to make it better
  • Don't be afraid to speak up: there are many right answers, not just one
  • Do what you can to create a fun, creative, receptive atmosphere
Remember, you can earn credit by speaking up, either in class or on the corresponding posts project teams make.



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