Thursday, December 13, 2012

Project: NC 10 Percent

Group memebers: Francis Dominno, Joshua Nichols, John Poe, Joseph Costin, Alan Master
NC 10 Percent looks to connect people with locally grown food vendors in North Carolina.
this website collects locations and contact information for each vendor.  visitors to the site can search by distance or by county.  the search results are then broken down into category by eating out farmers and other such types of vendors. in the future NC 10 Percent plans to move into the mobile market and create a more user friendly experience.
working site:  here

voice thread: here 

list of files changed:
NC ten percent\htdocs\genXMLPartnersDetail.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\genXMLPartnersDetail1.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\genXMLParnersDetailHelper.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\partners.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\partners_detail.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\partners_detail1.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\partners_detail2.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\utilities.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\css\layout.css
NC ten percent\htdocs\css\jquery-ui-1.8.7.custom.min.js
NC ten percent\htdocs\css\jquery.slideto.min.js
NC ten percent\htdocs\test\genXMLPartnersDetail.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\test\genXMLPartnersDetail1.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\test\genXMLParnersDetailHelper.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\test\partners.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\test\partners_detail.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\test\partners_detail1.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\test\partners_detail2.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\test\utilities.php
NC ten percent\htdocs\test\css\layout.css
NC ten percent\htdocs\test\css\jquery-ui-1.8.7.custom.min.js
NC ten percent\htdocs\test\css\jquery.slideto.min.js

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