Thursday, December 13, 2012

Project: Real Estate Management

     George Properties is a property management company that handles the more complicated and expensive aspects of property management for their clients. We were brought on to help create a website for the company that helps advertise their prices and services to potential clients as well as actually providing services to the company's present clients.
     Our goal was to create a framework and design that looked professional and catered to the needs of both the owner and his clients. We designed the navigational layout and set up the pages that the company would eventually populate with content. Outside of that, we also added some functionality for their existing clients. We added a contact page, a service request form, and created listings of available properties. We also did some small scale work on the mobile display to ensure that the site looked reasonable on mobile devices.
     Overall, our main objective was to create a manageable product for the company moving forward. We needed to create something that was readable, understandable, and repeatable for our client, who had very little html experience. We spent a large amount of time in post production walking our client through the site and making sure he understood what was happening and that he was happy with the direction the site had taken.
   As the project drew to a close, we discovered some potential pieces that could be added in the future. Eventually, the owner wants to be able to receive job applications through the site. Also, the mobile display is need of further work in order to be more appealing to customers.


Team Real Estate : Anthony Ursetto, Dorian Bullerwell, Brian Martin, Christopher Jones, Eric Richardson
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