Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Project: Mobile Search Library.

        Mobile Library Search is a NCSU mobile web that allows user to search and get the basic information of the current books and medias in library inventory. Our task is to improve the mobile interface for searching the library's catalog to to support "faceted" search, essentially menu-driven refined search.

         Basically, this is a mobile web, very similar to a web app. This mobile web allows user searching the library database and displays the results. Everytime user performs a search, there is an API call that sent to the live search service. The live search service then reads the API and returns a XML file that contains the results information. The mobile web will process XML file and display results to user.      
         For this project, we completed many works: adding refine search, changing interface and layout, correcting some limitations, and adding additional option for user's conveniences.Generally, we finished the initial plan to improve this mobile web.
New version

         However there are things that could be improved in future: quick option performing an "on-the-fly search"; improving the mobile web to be able to work on more devices; display only a few of the sub-filter options while giving the option to expand the list further; optimize choice of provided filter list; and more.

Links to Voicethread and GitHub repo:

Team Mobile Library Search CSC342:

Taylor Hickey  Daniel Narmi
James Beavers Tomer Shvueli Danh Huynh

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