Thursday, December 13, 2012

Project: Sustainable Gardens

Our group was tasked with assisting NCSU's Urban Horticulture department in promoting environmental landscaping via an online greeting card application.  The greeting card app will serve as a vehicle to deliver informative material that spreads the word on themes including native plants, growing food, sustainable landscaping, beneficial insects, garden pests, etc.  Equally, the app enables users to directly email a decorative card with a specified greeting (i.e. Happy Birthday, Congratulations, etc.).
The user of our app should be able to first select the predefined greeting of the card they would like to send.  The app will then display a series of images that are correspondingly themed for the associated greeting for the user to select.  For example, the Happy Valentines Day card will have images such as the "Hearts a' Busting" flower and the Merry Christmas card will have images such as the American Holly.  Each image also contains a descriptive paragraph of text that will be included in the greeting card to help promote that specific idea or concept.  After the user has chosen the greeting and image, they should be able to enter their recipient and a personalized message included in the email.  Lastly, the app should directly mail the card to the user's recipient and include a footer that links back to the NCSU Urban horticulture page.  To protect against spamming, our app implements a Captcha for encryption before the email is sent.   
Additionally, we have added extra functionality to allow our client to modify the greeting card application to her liking.  Using an encrypted online form, the client can update new images to a specified greeting, modify or delete an existing image, and add or modify an associated description to an image.  The client can also add a new defined greeting for selection and its corresponding images & descriptions.  
Ultimately, our app serves two purposes: to promote the client's message on environmental landscaping, as well as provide a beneficial greeting card service to the users.
Team: Sung Hwang, Charles Coble, Kenneth Glenn, and Pareen Patel

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