Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project: Artvsm

Group members:

Ryan Graham, Scott Graham, Shawn Murphy, Joshua Blue


Arvtsm is a social network for creatives wanting to share their art.

Core problem:

There exists a need to have an application for sharing art, such as photos, videos, and mp3s. We devised a website where groups/artists/clubs/etc can make their own group page and share all the content they have to offer from their own hub.

How app works:

Users can signup and navigate through the available groups. Then can create their own to fill out content for as well. The options we have available are: creating/editing groups, adding album images, and commenting.

Unfinished/future work:

Posting groups messages (from an admin's point of view) is currently unfinished, and editing group permissions for all users doesn't exist yet.

Besides that, there is potential for improvement. A lot of additional features can be added, as this is more of a base site. The ability to donate to groups and buy/sell art could be added in the future. We could also allow for greater personalization through custom group background images.



We couldn't get any of the video software listed to work on any of our machines. If there's a lab machine with the required software, we can try that.

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