Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project: Swapl, Lifelong Learning

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Swapl: Lifelong Learning

Swapl solves the problem of people sharing ideas. It attempts to connect people together in order to exchange knowledge.

This app uses a mySQL database to support a frontend in HTML. We have created a website from scratch that allows a user to:

- create an account with an encrypted password

- add skills that you want to learn

- add skills that you know how to teach

- delete a skill (from knows or wants)

- give a user kudos

- track the amount of kudos received

- browse skills that have been added

- ways to share on Facebook and Twitter

In the future, friend support and secure messaging would be good additions. We have set up the site for the ability to add profile pictures in the future.

We will email you the source, due to our NDA.

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