Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project: Seattle Band Map

Are you a big fan of Foo Fighters and want to find more music that is similar or connected with Foo Fighters?  Well the Seattle Band Map is a project which aims to catalog connections between bands in the Seattle Music Scene and provide meaningful results.

The Seattle Band Map has been around for a few years now, collecting user input to build a database of bands and their connections but the desktop site is a bit too intensive for mobile devices.  To try and address the lack of a mobile presence, the Seattle Band Map has built a mobile website from the ground up to access the same great database that the Desktop Site uses daily.

The new mobile site condenses the desktop experience into a format that is easily viewed on small screens.  You simply navigate to the homepage and enter a band name into the search box.  You immediately are taken to a result page for that band that provides information about the band, a link to their site, a visual of the connected bands, and a list of links to the connected bands' band map pages. You simply click on one of the connections and are taken directly to that band's result page to view their connections and information.

With the Seattle Band Map mobile site you now have a mobile tailored experience to learn about the Seattle Music Scene.

Future work on the application can be done to both the graphical display of information and usability of the site. We worked to create a site that was as usable as possible, however improvements can always be made. 



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