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Jobs: Summer Interns - K4Connect (Scott Moody)

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Hi Ben, Greg,
Know any promising developers with interest to work for a successful entrepreneur for the summer?  Scott's a great guy, but will drive the team hard.  Looking for dedicated people that want to grow personally and build something.  I can introduce them or they can reach out through the K4 website.

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Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 3:28 PM
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Subject: Summer Interns - K4Connect (Scott Moody)


I hope all are doing well, only a month to go until “break”, although pretty sure that does not count for much!

As I think most of you know, I co-founded another company last October called K4Connect (  Although we are not disclosing too much information about the company at this time, we are basically a user-focused software platform company focused on bringing together multiple and often incompatible “smart” things/devices into a single cohesive system.  While our software platform will play, over time, across multiple end markets, our focus to date has been on the technology.  Similar to AuthenTec, wherein the idea of a fingerprint sensor is easy for people to understand, but much harder to implement in a user friendly way; so too is home automation, easy to get, hard (and expensive) to implement.  While not much of an engineer myself, I highly value good/creative engineering/design upfront to solve problems with the focus always on the end user (the consumer of our product, no matter the buyer).  Thus, why our team now consists of four developers, a designer and yours truly.

We plan to hire more, but we’d like to augment that this summer with a set of paid (not much!) interns – two software development, two marketing.  The rough descriptions of what we are looking for are posted here:  It should be a pretty interesting experience, as we’ll not only put them to work on some interesting stuff, but I’ll also make sure to involve them in some of the more startup oriented activities, like working up investor pitches, pitching to investors (if/when they visit us), drinking beer when the investor kicks my butt (only for over 21 interns!) and tracking the competition/market (which so many do so poorly at).

Please feel free to forward this directly to any students that you think might fit and I’ll work to post on the job boards.  Our offices are in downtown Raleigh, so the good news is those beer joints after the investor meetings are easy to get to!

Best to all.


from Web Class @ NCSU

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