Monday, April 28, 2014

Project: Raleigh Public Record Voter Guide, Group 2

Project: Raleigh Public Record Voter Guide, Group 2

Team members: Matt Baker, Kyrstin Hill, Matt Love, Steven Mucci, Lara Stocks, Joseph Wiggins


The Raleigh Public Record Voter Guide is a page containing information on election candidates for local government offices.  Our web page redesign is aimed to simplify the page styling and integrates with a custom-made php utility to expedite content creation and organization for our stakeholder, Charles Duncan.  Each election season, the Voter Guide is created and tweaked manually through its hosting WordPress environment.  The solution we are providing will allow reuse of a CSS file for each new Voter Guide, as well as allow an author to populate a form which generates XML dynamically for each candidate to be featured in the Voter Guide.  The website links to custom CSS and JQuery/Javascript files to render user-friendly accordions and candidate pop-ups.  The php utility is a standalone app where a user inputs standardized candidate information into a form.  The output is a quick-and-easy XML template which is then convertible to a usable HTML format for the Voter Guide pop-ups.

Unfinished and Future Work:

A more secure backend is definitely warranted.  First of all, anybody can access the custom php utility.  A user can also submit any possible file type where the only use case is for an image file type.  Some "Edit Candidate" functionality would also be useful within the utility.  Future work for design would be best decided by doing official Usability Testing on this site.

Working example site:
PHP tool:
Webpage with embedded video:
Direct URL to video:

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