Monday, April 28, 2014

Project: Bamboo Mobile Health Weather App

Tagline: Helping ease your pain, be it sun or rain!

The Bamboo Mobile Health app is an application that allows for MS patients to record and store symptom data on a daily basis. Currently our sponsor was greatly interested in studying the relationship between different weather elements, namely temperature, and how it affected the symptoms of MS. We were tasked with the creation of a mobile application that allowed for a patient to log in and be able to compare the severity of their symptoms with the temperature of their location.

Our app allows for a user to sign in using their id and either use the gps location of their phone or manually enter a zip code. 1 of two buttons will then be pressed to show either a graph comparing fatigue or stress with weather. This allows for the patients to see a relationship between their symptoms and their local weather.

Future work: Better date range selection. Project tweaks and hand off to sponsor.

Screencast: Bamboo Mobile Health Weather Sceencast

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