Monday, April 28, 2014

Walk Your City 2

Walk Your City Group 2

Team: Kavaruss Coleman, Aaron Pope, Julius Scotton, Xavier Primus, Alex Wang, Yoonsoo Park

Walk your city is a project to try to get a city's population to learn more about the city they live in through walking. This application finds local points of interest such as restaurants, parks, museums and shopping malls. It uses Google maps to navigate, as the walking option avoids highways and dangerous roads without sidewalks. We also made calls to the website to obtain weather information, ensuring the user has prior knowledge of weather conditions. The main map is displayed, with clickable markers, along with a points of interest drop down box (top right). The points of interest in the box are weighted by Google reviews, and a yelp review appears for the selected location in order to give the user the best possible experience.

The application works best with GPS enabled phones or modern browsers, as they allow the device to provide its geolocation. Geolocation simplifies the process, allowing the user to directly find a destination by searching by type. Otherwise the user has to enter a starting address.


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