Monday, April 28, 2014

Project: Bamboo Mobile Health Data Visualization

Create a data visualization dashboard. Our team was tasked with creating a way for patients to view their symptom data over time through a calendar heatmap. Currently the website allows the patient to click through their four symptoms and the calendar updates accordingly. Our client also wanted a way to view the data linearly and we decided to go with a line chart. Currently the line chart looks messy but in the future we would like to add buttons similar to the ones on the calendar to show and hide the different lines. In the future we would focus on getting the line chart working to show and hide lines and also finalize a color scheme for our calendar. We would also like to get the Google login functionality put into the website but currently there isn't a way for us to select a specific Google spreadsheet just by login.

Working website:
Github repo:
Screencast: Bamboo Mobile Health Visualization Screencast

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