Thursday, December 10, 2015

Project: CodeArt

LENT - A project that turns library technology into art.



How to combine useful data about Hunt Library's Tech-Lending resources with digital art and sound.


A project to turn library technology into art. Users are able to see a visual representation of the technology that is currently available to be checked out at Hunt library in the Immersion Theatre. On the left is a legend that allows the user to see how many of each item is currently checked out, as well as a key that shows what each shape in the visualizer represents. On the right is the visualizer - a unique way to display the data about what technology is currently available and checked out from the library. The purpose of the project is to find a way combine a useful data with art, as part of NCSU Hunt Library's CodeArt Competition.

Future Work:

  • System Testing within the Immersion Theatre
  • For every 10 or so minutes, allow each individual sound to provide a "roll-call" along side an animation, so that viewers could see which object is associated to which device
  • Convert 3D objects to three.js
  • Allow the aesthetics of the visuals and sound to change depending on the time of the day
  • Update the "Castle" so that we have different variations showing up on the map
  • Add Camera/Tilt Perspective to the map space
  • Change mechanism in which the chart is currently being loaded, so that a Timout doesn't need to be used 
  • Allow extendability with loading objects, for easy inclusion of new devices

Link to Video

Link to Live Working Demo

Link to Presentation


Created By: Cameren Dolecheck, Tori Santonil, Filip Kolev, Zane Hissom, Nicholli Bernard, Kamaria Hardy

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