Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Announcement: project details and our final day

Event: A reminder that projects are due as you present them during our final period, which will happen on Friday December 11, 1-4pm, in our regular room. With ten projects, we will have 18 minutes per presentation. On that day we will be visited by most of our clients. SAS and Lexis Nexis have indicated that they would prefer to come to this final period rather than host you at their facilities.

Deliverables: In addition to your presentation, you should prepare the deliverables outlined on this page. Some notes:

  • To post, you will need authoring rights on our class site. To get those rights, each team should have at least one of its members contact our TA, then accept the resulting invitation. 
  • There are many screencasting tools, but my preferred tool now is Google Hangouts on Air, which does not require any install. Just do a private broadcast to yourself only, and it will appear in your YouTube. You can even do a little editing there.
  • Host your working site on your assigned github repo, if it is all client side. If you have server side components, we suggest AWS or Google Cloud -- both have free options.

Presentation: And here is a reminder of how to present.

Professor Watson

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