Friday, December 11, 2015

Projects: Tilt-A-Story

Tilt-A-Story Project Description

Tilt-a-story is an interactive picture book to inspire children to read.

Core Problem:
Children today no longer read books. Instead, they spend most of their time glued to their phone and ipads. By introducing classic childhood stories and fun learning games, children that use our program will be able to embrace the same learning that comes from reading books. The best part is, they think they’re just playing a fun game!

How it Works:
To make Tilt-A-Story we used javascript, canvas and html. By using these tools our webpage can run on more browsers. The child can interact with the story in two ways. The first way is to tilt the device to move the character around the screen. The second way is by using the touch screen to press buttons. Both methods can be mixed and matched as needed by the story writer/designer.  

Future Work:
In the future we plan to increase the user experience by adding more sounds and animations.  We would like to add gifs instead of static pictures to increase the overall visual of the app.  Since Tilt a story brings together multiple stories for children to learn from, we need a way for parents to “buy” a story and add it to the application. We would also like to create a “world builder” application so that designers can easily create their own stories and post them to our store.  

Extra Credit:
On top of our completed Picnic Adventure story, we have also finished our Billy’s Treasure Hunt story that capitalized more on telling a story with visuals. The player takes on the role of Billy and his search for treasure, along with picking up useful tools along the way.

  • A link to the working site
  • Video
  • Github Repo
  • Presentation

  • Project Evaluation

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