Thursday, December 10, 2015

Spiral Sleepwalker

Project: Spiral Sleepwalker

Team members: Abbey Lancaster, Aoyi Li, Kai Ma, Nicholas Waked, Ethan Swartzentruber and Jennifer Wagman

Tagline: Gravity-Based Mobile Platformer

Developing a web based mobile game that reads data from motion sensors on smartphone or tablet.

We wanted to create a native mobile game experience while the user was actually playing a web based mobile game. We used p5.js to implement all of the game's graphics, including a gravity oriented mechanism that allowed the user to manipulate the sleepwalker in the game. Various levels are implemented, with varying amounts of difficulty. The amount of monsters increases as the player moves to higher levels, and the maps become more difficult to navigate.

Future/Unfinished Work:
The game still has extreme performance issues on Android, we expect that switching libraries would make this better.
Implementing more levels
Developing a tool for non-programmers to create levels

Link to Working Site
Link to GitHub
Link to Video

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