Thursday, December 10, 2015

Project: SAS Team Two

CSC 342 Sas Team 2 Project Description

Web application demonstrating different ways to animate the transition between data and a graph.

Problem to solve: Transitions from data to graphs are often clunky and hard to follow, if they even exist at all. The goal of this web app is to demonstrates ways for these transitions that are smooth and easy to follow.

How it works:
This application used a simple user interface consisting of an area for the data and an area for the graph. It also has a side bar that allow the user to choose which type of animation and transition to display.

Most of the transitions are done with the animate function in jquery, where we can decide where to move elements and how much to expand or compress them. The data for the demo is coded in an array for ease of access. Also, we used p5.js for our pie and doughnut chart. And finally, the animations themselves are done with a setInterval function to make all the timing work out properly.

Unfinished and future work:
-Finding ways to transition to other types of graphs.
-Implementing the transitions with larger data sets
- Being able to upload your own data set
- Coming up with different animation styles

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Michael MacKrell, James Schaefer, Connor Patterson, Jose Chavez, Philip Jones

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