Thursday, December 4, 2014

Announcement: SAS attendance and video delivery

SAS folks,

To summarize:

  • You must fill out the SAS RSVP form.
  • You can receive extra credit by delivering SAS a draft video early.
  • You must deliver a final video to Professor Littlejohn by tomorrow.

Currently we have only six of 18 listed as attending the SAS event on Monday, and only four of eight teams with a member in attendance. This isn't a great showing; we'd like to have at least one member of every team attending. The minimum time commitment isn't unreasonable: from 1-4pm.

To this end, SAS team members are now required to fill out our SAS RSVP form whether or not they can attend. If you cannot attend, please explain why not. Conflicting final exams that afternoon are acceptable explanations, but weak explanations may impact your project grade. If you do not fill out this form, your project grade will again suffer.

Keep in mind that attendance will earn you 1% extra credit.

SAS would still like to see one of our videos early. Any team that can share a rough draft video with Lora Edwards at ( by this evening will receive another 1% extra credit; by tomorrow morning 0.5%. Copy me and our TA Lingnan Gao to ensure extra credit.

Finally, each team should deliver a short video and a single slide to Professor Littlejohn ( by 5pm tomorrow. Please ensure you copy me and our TA Lingnan Gao with any email. For your video, we suggest hosting on Google Drive. I believe that Professor Littlejohn must deliver the videos themselves to SAS, so hosting at YouTube may be problematic.

I will be free tomorrow morning until 1130 if you would like to show me your video and slide for suggestions. Stop by my Hunt office at 5148 — use the elevator outside the library turnstiles.

Professor Watson

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