Friday, December 12, 2014

Project: Recognize 3

Better Recognize: Team 3

Kshitij, Sharanya, Danial, Arjun, Shawn, Edward

Fast data results for maximum engagement through interactive applications

Storing pictures locally is inefficient and not scalable. The current application lacks the ability to add new albums without updating the application.

How It Works:
Better Recognize provides back-end functionality for the current android recognition application. The android application is a game designed to improve cognitive recognition skills by letting users foresee a pixelated image and attempt to identify it before it de-pixelates. The API we have created is to allow for the application to interact with a dynamic database. Though our system was created for the application, the abstraction implemented in our API allows it for a broad spectrum of uses.

The system is implemented with a mySQL database. An admin may access and modify the database through phpMyAdmin. Questions may be added to galleries with images and the answer. The API interaction with the database has different methods to fetch the data required. Some of the methods include the list of all galleries, the list of all questions, and the list of all questions in a specific gallery. We created a responsive user interface that demonstrates the API.

Unfinished and Future Work:
  • More extensive galleries
  • Scoring System in UI
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social medias

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