Thursday, December 11, 2014

Project: Library Team 2

Project: Code + Art Library Project Team 2

Team Members: Taylor Griffin, Michael Huffman, Ben Leeds, John Mitchell, Nolan Piland, Dylan Perry, Becca Schloe

Tagline: Quickly gauge how crowded the library is with a look at a football field and NC State logo that fills with color as people enter and empties as they leave.

Core problem the app solves:

When an individual enter Hunt Library, they are greeted with a large display screen.  Our app is designed to fill this screen with both a visually appealing and useful graphic.  As one enters the library, not only are they greeted with an interesting design of a football field and flowing color filling the NC State logo, but also information.  By looking at this screen, they will ideally be able to get a fairly accurate estimate of how many people are currently in the library out of a predetermined maximum capacity.

How this app works:

The NC State logo contains a rising and lowering sea of color.  This sea of color represents the percentage of the library that is currently occupied.  When clicking anywhere on the screen, a football player will run from the left side of the screen to the logo, before disappearing.  This will then trigger the water level to raise slightly.  Conversely, when pressing any key, the water level will lower by the same amount, before triggering a football player to run from the NC State logo to the right edge of the screen and disappear.  When a player enters or leaves the logo, a sound clip will play.  An extended sound clip will also play when the max capacity is reached.  There is also a scoreboard located above the logo that currently updates to give an exact percentage of the amount filled and not filled.

This process of entering and leaving can also be tied to a MySQL database, in which people are assigned a time stamp when they enter and leave that will be used by the program to update the capacity and trigger football players to run the field.

Unfinished and future work:

We would like for this app to be more closely tied to the library, and it was suggested that Hunt library staff have access to APIs that would allow a programmer to keep track of when people enter and leave the library.  For those looking to expand this app, we would suggest that they take a closer look at the possibilities of this interconnection and other potential methods of tracking the number of people in the library.  This could probably be used in conjunction with the basic database backbone that we have implemented.

Expansion in the form of additional visuals in the foreground of our visual could also be considered.  Perhaps future groups could try adding more moving graphics at certain percentages or unique sounds depending on the time of day or year.  There are many different opportunities to add on to this application in this way.

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