Friday, December 12, 2014

Project: Library Team 1

Team Members
Kaitlyn Lemmons, Andrew Delissio, Phillip Bailey, Meredith Boatner, Chris Stroud, Matt Witte, Jacob McGoogan

An interesting way to get the weather without resorting to your grandma's Weather Channel.

To provide an engaging display of generative art for consumption by the patrons of the James B. Hunt Library.  The Hunt Library staff is seeking content for the large display positioned above their help desk.  They have requested that content be in the form of generative art, a dynamic display based on a real-time flow of data.

How It Works
Weather data for the selected location is queried using the SimpleWeather.js API.  Rendering is done using the ivank library. The current temperature is used to determine a color scheme.  Cooler temperatures yield a cooler color palette, while warmer temperatures produce a warmer color palette.  The background color is determined by the time of day, relative to the sun's position in the sky.  The background is white when the sun is at it's zenith, black.  A number of sides ranging from 3-6 is randomly selected and a polygon with the selected number of sides appears at a random location on-screen and begins replicating.  Every 60 seconds, the screen refreshes and a new polygon is selected.

Unfinished and Future Work
We would like to force the polygon to replicate in directions which have not been covered as of yet in order to cover more of the screen.  We also would like to use wind speed data to determine the speed of the replication.  We have discussed options for giving better indication of the overall weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, etc), and would like to incorporate this in future iterations.

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