Friday, December 12, 2014

Project: SAS Team 07

Team: Ajita Banerjea & Chang Wang

Tagline: Project management tool with easily navigable features and a comprehensive interface

Problem the App Solves: There is a lack of a project management tool that is simple to use, yet effective. This app will address that problem. It will help potential users create projects, and then under each project, they have specific tasks. Each time a project is created, an owner is assigned. Managers can assign tasks to employees that are registered under the same database. There is also a to-do list that users can add things to for a given day. There is a project page, task page, monthly report page, and calendar page for readability and accessibility to different views. An administration tab shows all the staff present in the system.

A little bit about how this app works: This application was created using a Model-View-Controller framework called Laravel. It is an open source PHP framework that takes care of a lot of mundane issues with building a dynamic website and allows programmers to focus on the design and functionalities. It has many basic files such cookies, sessions etc. so developers can focus on the building the core functionalities rather than helper classes. With so many plugins available, it allows programmers to develop a prototype very quickly.

Unfinished and future work: In the future, we could add the ability for any employee to create a project. As of right now, the application only allows managers the authorization to create projects. It could also be interesting to send notifications to employees when they are assigned to tasks by a manger. Another good feature to add would be the ability to message between users. This could prove useful for communication and coordination with coworkers.

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