Friday, December 12, 2014

Project: Recognition 2

Team: Aiden Cowart, Gregory Daniels,Neelkanth Patel, Akshit Patel, Logan Valentine, David Harvey-Macaulay

Tagline: Recogneyes - Take a closer look

Many games seem like a waste of time, nothing more than a mindless distraction to kill time. Why not try to turn that wasted time and energy into something more productive? A game where it helps sharpen your mind while you are playing? This is the goal of Recogneyes. Recogneyes is a game in which you match pictures, one that is at first pixilated and is progressively de-pixilated, to a picture selected from a group that matches it. This game serves to hone your visual perception skills, and rewards you for doing so! The faster you can match the pictures, while the main picture is still heavily pixilated, the more points you earn! 

How it Works: 
This game has been converted from an Android platform game to a full Web browser experience! This site uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and Java Servlet pages for back-end communication. The backend is built on an Apache Tomcat server using Java for server-side work and MySQL for database needs. Recogneyes uses the jQuery library Fancybox to display the game images, Prefixfree JavaScript tool to allow for better cross-platform compatibility, and the ClosePixilate JavaScript library to do real-time image pixilation within the browser. The requests are handled by the JSP pages, which pass those commands to the Java classes imported into the JSP page, which then accesses the resources necessary to fulfill the request. 

Unfinished and Future Work: 
Future work for this game would be a “rapid-fire” play mode. This will entail a new picture from the album every 10 seconds with no choice of pausing. Adjusting the difficulty level and the points assigned to it is also for the future. Also developer input on the design of the game screen is appreciated. Integration for Facebook profiles for login is not implemented, but is wanted for the future. 

Working Site: 
This site is not hosted at the moment. In order to check the game out, follow these steps: 
1. Download Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (link:
2. Download and unpack Apache Tomcat 6.0 server: (link: 
3. Download and install MySQL server, workbench, and JDBC Connector for your OS (link: 
4. Open Eclipse, and import from the GitHub repository link below. 
5. Set up the Tomcat server for the application (Window -> Show View -> Servers; then switch file inside of it) 
6. Make sure in the lib directory of Apache Tomcat, you have the Java MySQL Connector .jar 
over to the server tab, click the link for the new server wizard -> choose Tomcat 6.0 and click 
next -> and add the project to the server)
7. Open up a web browser, enter localhost:8080/Recognition/login.jsp and enjoy!

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