Friday, December 12, 2014

Project: SAS Team 4

Team Members:  Caroline Lima-Lane, Ronald Miller, Vatslav Orlov
Tagline:  Task Management Dashboard
Problem:  To create a Task Management system for the persona of a Project Manager organizing a large collaborative team project for a film campaign.
We wanted to create a Collaborative Task Management system that shows the workflow of the product cycle of a film campaign. We used the jQueryUI API for sortables, collapsible portlets for the objects, and progress bars inside each portlet. Adding a new portlet inserts via javascript into the HTML after that element.  We used extensive CSS to set up the columns of each task and format the look of each portlet.  We implemented a date in the upper right corner from Javascript.  We used the Facebook API to embed the live feed from SAS into the right side of the page.  The page is divided into 3 sections via frames: Top, bottom, and right.  Scroll bars were disabled to increase the aesthetics of the page.
Future Work:
The current site is a prototype with no backend.  The elements are reloaded each time the page is refreshed.  We would add some backend database to save the state and fully implement the login.  We also would like to filter tasks by category with menu items at the top of the page, and polish the interface.
Link to Working Site (Use any email and any password to login)

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