Friday, December 12, 2014

Project: SAS Team 1


Team:  Waqas Goraya, Galen Keene

Tagline:  Project management tool for browsing previous campaigns and crafting new ones

Core Problems:  The primary issues faced by campaign developers is a lack of information on both previous and current campaigns and, as such, newly created campaigns aren't always as efficient or effective as they could be.  This application provides an interface for users to browse previous campaigns and all of their various attributes (such as channel, target audience, budget, success rate, etc.) and make decisions on the direction they would like their new campaign to take.

Some Background: This web application is implemented using JavaScript and HTML web code to produce a responsive web-design that is both flexible and easy-to-use.  Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) were used to form the design of the web app on other platforms such as mobile and resizing the browser on a PC. The usage of plugins in our application makes it easily extensible for any future needs.

Unfinished and Future Work:  While we created a solid design for the database, we didn't have enough time to completely integrate it with the application, nor did we have time to build out fake data to populate the database.  Once these two things are done, they can be quickly/easily integrated with the application to support live project information and queries.  Once there is a supported database, the next step would be to implement the ability to create new campaigns, both from scratch and based on historical information retrieved by a user's search query.  Beyond this, multiple users with various administrative levels should be added along with a less important messaging feature between users.


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