Thursday, December 11, 2014

Project: Recognition 1

Project:  Recognition, Group 1

Team Members:  Joseph Wise, Benjamin Russ, Scott Van Name, David Durand, Anson Robinson, Rui-Ming Liu, Ethan Tran

Tagline:  Helping children make visual connections with innovative web apps

This app helps children identify parts of a whole.  Our page aims to create a fun, educational app for children that gives them mind-bending puzzles where pictures of parts are shown with options for a whole.  For example, wheels and an engine are shown on screen, and planes, motorcycles, and cars are possible answers.  The user has to pick based on details of the pictures which is which.  The more pictures that are shown as hints, the more clear it is what the pictures are forming.

Implementation details:
The project runs on the Ionic Framework with Angularjs.  This gives us the ability to easily port our code from browser, to iOS, to Android, all seamlessly.  The images are gathered from multiple open domain sources like wikimedia image commons.

A bit of prototyped and unfinished work for later:
-Scoring system is implemented but not in the frontend
-Sound is in and works but sounds are placeholders
-Signs and feedback, and color scheme are at early phase; designer help suggested

Link to the site:
Site is not hosted.  You can also use the readme on github in addition to the following directions.
To use the app:
1 - Install Nodejs to get the node package manager (NPM):
2 - Follow the directions on the following page to install Ionic
3 - Clone our github repo (or download it) to a folder.
4 - Navigate to the page in a command window and put in the command “ionic serve”
5 - View the page and play with the app!


-Github Repo

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