Thursday, December 11, 2014

Project: SAS, Group 6

“Better Project Management Through Timelines”

There are tools out for individual time management, but there isn't a good tool for project management. We wanted to design an intuitive interactive timeline where you can view and compare projects and evaluate them. In this we also want to make the application as responsive as possible for both phone and tablet. 

This look of this application was done in Bootstrap 3. It was our first experience with Bootstrap. However, we really like the way the final product turned out. The interactive features were implemented through jQuery and javascript. The main timeline library, was found at and it is a “..dynamic, browser based visualization library.” However, there was a lot of customization we added and features implemented. VIS is not a very intuitive suite.

Future work:
We did not get the chance to implement adding a project.
We also did not add the feature of assigning a task to a person.
It would probably be interesting to add a recurring task.

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