Thursday, December 11, 2014

Project: SAS, Group 5

Project:  SAS, Group 5

Team Members:  Eric Donovan, Karthik Krishnamurthy, David Le

Tagline:  Organic Dashboard

Problem:  To create a dashboard for the persona of a person working on a collaborative project.

We wanted to capture the organic feel of the Design team's Dashboard.  We used D3 to implement a force directed graph to make the associations between the user, teammates, and files.  Bootstrap is used to give the rest of the elements on the page a cohesive look.  The elements are colored based on group, they oscillate, and play sound when interacted with.  You can change between the projects, check your contacts, and check your files with the drop down menus.

Future Work:
Set up an actual database and implement the JavaScript to query it.
Add a JavaScript system to update the progress bar and the alert system.
Finish adding views and functionality to the dashboard.
Implement login system.


Link to Working Site (click icon to login)
Link to Github
Link to Webcast

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