Thursday, September 13, 2012

Assignment: recreate the semantics and appearance of our course syllabus by Thursday, September 20 (updated: for CSS validation)

  • Recreate semantics and appearance of the first two pages of our course syllabus in HTML5 and CSS.

  • Preserve the same appearance as the syllabus
    • This includes font, face, color, indentation, margins, justification, etc. 
  • Maintain the same semantic structure in the syllabus 
  • Preserve all existing links
  • Place all your styles in a separate style sheet
  • Do not manipulate appearance in your html file

  • Validate your page using the W3C Markup Validation Service, (update to include CSS) including HTML as well as CSS. Address as many of the resulting warnings and errors as you can. 
  • Test your page on various browsers using Adobe BrowserLab. BrowserLab makes it easy to see how a page is rendered in an OS X browser even if you're using a Windows machine, and vice versa. In BrowserLab, test at least the following browsers: 
    • Firefox 11.0 Windows 
    • Firefox 11.0 OS X 
    • Chrome 18.0 Windows 
    • Internet Explorer 9.0 Windows 
    • Safari 5.1 OS X 

  • Using this link, submit the following as a single zip file by September 20, class time: 
    • Your version of the HTML5 source. 
    • Your version of the related CSS source. 
    • A report of 1-2 pages documenting what you did in your redesign, what the results of your validation including any remaining errors and warnings, and your summary of the results of the BrowserLab testing. 

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