Thursday, September 20, 2012

Example: Google Sites

Create and manage web content with a simple WYSIWGY editor.
The web has rapidly changed from a pile of static html files into an interdependent network of standards, multimedia files, and web technologies. However the fact remains that most of what the general public sees on the internet is web pages. Many individuals and organizations would like to have a presence on the internet but have little or no knowledge of HTML and the other technologies required to make a webpage. Google Sites is a simple web based What You See Is What You Get webpage editor. This online application allows users with very little experience create professional looking websites in just minutes.

Google Sites is very intuitive and simple to use. It provides simple features such as embedding YouTube videos and images as well as more advanced features such as page-level permissions. Google Sites also has tight integration with Google’s other products such as search, maps, calendar, YouTube, and more. Since all editing is done online, it can also be done collaboratively. Website owners can grant permission to rights such as page editing and administration to any number of users. Websites can also be viewable by only members of an organization, and require a login, or be public to the entire world.
There are dozens of competing website builder applications on the internet such as wix and doodlekit, however they are not able to match Google’s feature set while keeping the product free. Google Sites offers very competitive features for free in order to advertise other services and promote website creation. Google Sites features, ease of use, and price make it in my opinion a very beneficial and useful web app.

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