Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Example: Drinkify

What is it?/ Cons
Drinkify is a web application designed for the sophisticated inebriate and music lover. The entire purpose of the application is to find something to drink that fits the style of music you are listening to. The interface is simple. The user types in a music artist, and the system generates a drink that is appropriate to the artist's musical stylings. For example, I type in the abstract Hip Hop group Company Flow and click 'Drinkify'. The results was a drink called "The Company Flow" which is composed of 1 oz. of Gin and 1 oz. of Elderflower Cordial. The service then plays a song by the artist and you are supposed to make the drink and sit back and relax. The Cons of the service of the service come from this step. It is impractical for a user to own all of the possible ingredients for each drink. I can't really consider this a fault of the application but is something that perhaps the creators should have considered. The service could be improved by having suggested music artists as you type them in. Another good option would be a reverse search. You could search the ingredients that you have and it'd make a playlist of artists based off of it.
The great thing about this application is that how many artists it recognizes. It also has a diverse selection of drinks available. It's also great as a time waster or a fun thing to do at parties. It's a novel idea that works well.
There aren't many applications that are similar to Drinkify so any competitor will be any streaming music service or a drink recipe site. However, it could be argued that it could be a great companion the services that indirectly compete with the service.
How it works
I will break the application into two parts: The music streaming and the drink recipe creator. The music streaming is probably a background process that searches a popular music playing medium like youtube, soundcloud, or amazon. The player probably connects to a stream and plays a randomly chosen song based on how well the result of search fits the user input. The drink recipe creator probably farms a service like wikipedia to find the genre of music and generates a random drink based off of mixed drinks that are associated with the music genre. Ex: Gin for Hip Hop, cheap american beer for "jam-bands". It also probably has a database to check against for popular musicians to generate unique responses.

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