Thursday, September 20, 2012

Example: Google Drive

tagline: Google Drive is a free cloud storage solution to backup, store, synch, share, and collaborate multiple files online which also allows creating, viewing, and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The problem the app solves and why I love it: This app solves the problem of sharing files across multiple PCs or mobile devices without the need of USB Sticks, email, or external storage media. I take class notes from all my NCSU classes and I want to be able to read and edit the notes from any Internet enabled device I touch without installing any software. Google Drive can be accessed in any HTML5 enabled web browser by logging into my Gmail account. I then have full access not only to the Google suite of web-apps, but I now have access to all my NCSU documents, assignments, past homework submissions, and anything else I upload. Competing apps: Google Drive's main competitor is Dropbox which is also quite easy to use and extremely useful; however, Dropbox does not integrate with your Google Plus, Google Chat, Google Mail, Youtube, Google Music, and all the other web-apps that I use every day. That is the main reason why I switched from Dropbox to Google Drive. A little bit about how this app works: Google Drive use to be Google Docs was an online web office tool that would allow creating, editing, or viewing Word, PowerPoint, or Excel like files. Google Drive now does everything that Google Docs did but also adds the functionality of a cloud based storage solution to let people upload, download, share, and synchronize files no matter the file type. Best of all, Google Drive website is fully integrated with HTML5 and allows dragging, and dropping, right clicking with custom context menus to allow use on any HTML5 compliant web browser. On the other hand, you can install the Google Drive application if you wish to synchronize files so that your PC holds offline records of all the online files to edit, change, and update offline.

See the web-app for yourself: GoogleDrive
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