Thursday, September 27, 2012

Find: FCC chairman says we need faster internet

FCC chairman says we need faster internet sooner, defends role as a 'cop on the beat'

FCC Julius Genachowski Vox Media

In a policy speech given today at Vox Media's headquarters in Washington, DC, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski reiterated the agency's vision for broadband in the United States, and defended its role in preserving and promoting free markets. The chairman's message is a familiar one: he's been pushing the Commission's National Broadband Plan for some time, which aims to bring fast and affordable internet to all Americans. Genachowski says that while the US has come a long way in recent years to deploy fast and affordable broadband, the country faces real challenges in meeting its goals and staying competitive globally. So the question remains: how will the FCC take action on its well-known plans?

"These are the kind of challenges America..

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