Thursday, September 20, 2012

Example: is an online web application that enables the user to create free personalized logos from hundreds of various designs and animations. 

This web application addresses the issue of creating professional quality logos utilizing rich graphics for websites, presentations, and any other documents or files.  A person who has zero graphic design experience can employ this application to turn their personalized message into a styled logo or banner.  With hundreds of different templates & designs to choose from, the application allows a user to create something that suits their particular needs.  Flamingtext can produce company logos, animated titles for websites & presentations, names or messages for documents, and many more!  Instead of paying for expensive graphic design software or hiring a graphic designer, this free application creates your dream logo/animated text within seconds.

I am impressed with this app because of its ease of use, as well as practicality in a variety of situations.  The UI of the application lets the user customize a variety of features pertaining to the specific template chosen.  There is also a preview box, which allows you to preview how the resulting .gif image will look like before you actually produce the image to save.  The most impressive logo on the application is the signature “Flaming text”, which animates your text by “setting it on fire”.  The “Flaming text” produces such a superior quality of graphics, which you would never believe is possible by a free online application.  By selecting the size, font, font color, background color, animation speed, number of frames, etc., you can create a logo or banner for any documents.  I have used Flamingtext logos for personal webpages, presentations for work & school, and professional documents.

Flamingtext does face competition with other similar free online logo/animation generator applications.  Flamingtext’s biggest competitor would probably be, offering an online application to generate animated text and styled logos from various templates.  Other competitors would be or, which generate .gif animations from user-defined images.  I believe this application beats its competition due to the amount of customization and control the user has.  For each template you choose, Flamingtext has ten-fold more features and aspects you can specify to make the image exactly how you envisioned.  Also, the quality of animation and graphics are significantly better when compared against  With Flamingtext, the logos and banners created look very professional and as if they were created with design software. 

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