Thursday, September 20, 2012

Example: SoundHound

Tagline: SoundHound is a music recognition application.

SoundHound is an application that allows a user to identify a song by the app listening to the music and identifying it. SoundHound is great for use on mobile devices as they are the platform of probability for the arousal of the problem. When your on a laptop or desktop your most likely listening to an online radio or audio player that has the title and artist already. SoundHound is useful when you hear a song from a source that is not your own or does not display the artist or title of a song.

I like this application for the solution that it provides and the capabilities that it provides its solution with. Not only does SoundHound provide you information about a song that your listening to, it can provide the title to songs that you don't remember the words too. If you can hum the song with the correct tone and pitch SoundHound can recognize it and provide the song's information through a Sound2Sound capability. Sound2Sound does not just gather the lyrics of a song and compare them to lyrics of songs in its database, it also can gather the overall tune and pitch of a song and compare that to a library of songs housed by similar data.

SoundHound is not the only music recognition software, its major rival is an application called Shazam. Shazam does not have the same number of capabilities as SoundHound. Shazam recognizes songs only there the lyrics of the song and gains nothing through the songs tune or pitch. Also, found through personal testing, Shazam seems to only have a library of the more popular songs, whereas SoundHound during my testing was able to recognize a fair amount of old and unpopular songs in addition to all the popular tracks.

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